Module 4 - Education Planning

course description

This fourth and final topic will help students begin to think about their future career and education choices, highlighting the many possible paths to their career or trade of choice, as well as the various options available to make school more affordable. This module closes with a personalized career planning exercise that draws from topics learned in the the previous three modules, bringing the core concepts learned throughout the FF4K unit together at its close.

learning objectives

After completing this module, the student will be able to:

  • List at least one job or career of interest to you

  • Utilize online resources to research career paths and education programs

  • List three ways to save on the cost of higher education

  • Identify options for making higher education more affordable

module outline (90 min)

Prework (15 min)  - Education Planning Vocab Game & Career Personality Quiz

Introduction (5 min) - Discuss career survey results

Interactive PPT Presentation (10 min) - Overview of core concepts

Case study example (10 min) - Molly Plans for College

Small group activity (30 min) - Education Planning Scavenger Hunt

Evaluation (10 min) - Post-topic quiz

Wrap up (10 min) - “What did we learn?” whiteboard activity