Module 2 - Money Management Tools & Tips

course description

Module 2 introduces kids to the concept of planning for future expenses through budgeting and savings. Through an extended case study example, students will learn to plan weeks in advance for a major purchase or expense, while reinforcing positive financial decision making. Kids will come away from this module empowered to set goals and meet them through financial planning and budgeting.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, the student will be able to:

  • Calculate a multi-week budget plan to meet a future financial goal

  • Identify best practices for staying within budget

  • Describe tips for maximizing savings over time

  • Identify examples of positive and negative financial behaviors

module outline (90 min)

Prework (15 min) - Money Management vocab matching game

Introduction (10 min) - Word cloud activity

Interactive PPT Presentation (15 min) - Overview of core concepts

Case study example (30 min) - Molly Saves for a New Bike

Evaluation (10 min) - Post-topic quiz

Wrap up (10 min) - “What did we learn?” whiteboard activity