Module 1 - Basics of Banking Services

Course description

Module 1 provides a general banking overview, including an introduction to the basic features of checking and savings accounts, key differences between the two, and the benefits of both. Also covered in this topic are online banking safety tips and best practices. As the first in the unit, this module also introduces Molly, the FF4K case study learning buddy, who will help students learn through interactive examples throughout the series.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • List at least three benefits of having a bank account

  • Identify key features of an online bank statement

  • Describe safe online banking best practices

  • Identify differences between checking and savings accounts

module outline (90 min)

Prework (15 min) - Banking Basics vocab matching game

Introduction (10 min) - Hand-raise poll and discussion

Interactive PPT Presentation (20 min) - Overview of core concepts

Case study example (10 min) - Molly Opens a Bank Account

Small group activity (15 min) - Anatomy of a Bank Statement

Evaluation (10 min) - Post-topic quiz

Wrap up (10 min) - “What did we learn?” whiteboard activity