Our Mission

Money talks, and more money usually makes for a louder voice. How then do we bridge the gap between the few loudest voices in the room and the remaining majority: those who tend to have a harder time making their money speak on their behalf? Research has shown that financial literacy education is the answer, demonstrating that such intervention can succeed in promoting positive financial behaviors and increasing financial knowledge among adult learners. But what about building financially fit kids?



What we do

FF4K researches, designs, and develops on-demand learning solutions for youth financial literacy education. All materials and resources are readily available online for educators in a blended learning format that will help lay a foundation of positive decision making for kids to build upon as they grow to be financially fit adults.


While there is a known gap in financial literacy among low-income individuals and families--including children--it is also known that financial literacy education works for both adolescents and adults to increase financial knowledge and promote positive financial behaviors. Pedagogical theory further supports early exposure to educational topics and concepts as an effective means of producing lasting positive cognitive, social, and schooling outcomes among children, seen especially with the application of blended learning techniques.

With all of this in mind, FF4K has researched and developed an on-demand blended financial education program covering core topics and made these materials available to educators as means of improving financial literacy among kids, thus building a foundation of positive financial decision making before they reach adulthood.