Frequently Asked Questions


How does FF4K work?

FF4K uses a blended learning approach, meaning each topic begins with an online at-home learning experience that is followed by a complementary interactive face-to-face classroom session. FF4K can fit perfectly into any Math or Home Economics unit for the target age group, or can be incorporated into a weekend or after-school youth program. 

What is the target age group for FF4K?

Financial Fitness for Kids (FF4K) is best suited for an audience of 6th-8th grade learners ages 10-13. However, research tells us that the earlier kids can be exposed to these topics the better their chances are for long-term financial success. With some consideration for your students' needs and relatively minor adjustment to the rigor of the practice problems, the FF4K topics can be made accessible for kids as young as 9 years old. If you aren't sure if FF4K is right for your class, contact us and one of our learning experts will be happy to provide a consultation  based on your group's needs.

Are there any special technology requirements?

In order to complete the 15-30 minutes of pre-work for each module, students must have access to the internet outside of regularly scheduled class time. This could be time spent at home, or as needed in a classroom, computer lab, or at the school library during or after school. 

In-class facilitation requires a basic classroom setup with a whiteboard (or chalkboard or flipchart), and a computer with internet access and a projector screen to display the topic slides to the class. Access to a printer is also required to print and distribute handouts.

Where can I find the facilitator guides?

In order to provide a streamlined package of course materials, facilitator notes are located directly within each topic PowerPoint file, in the 'notes' section for each corresponding slide. When presenting fullscreen on your classroom projector, the notes will be visible to you on your teacher-facing computer screen for easy in-class reference.

If you prefer to have a separate facilitator guide file to review or print for reference, feel free to print-to-PDF.

How long is the program?

FF4K consists of four 90-minute modules. Each topic is designed to include 15 minutes of pre-work to be completed outside of class, as well as approximately 75 minutes of in-class content.

Depending on your typical class period length and frequency, you could teach FF4K over the course of one week or one month. While we do recommend teaching no more than one full module per day, feel free to teach modules in parts as necessary to fit your schedule, using the pre-designated sections as stopping points whenever possible. Contact us for further customized facilitation guidance.

Can I choose a single module to teach on its own?

Financial Fitness for Kids is designed as a cohesive unit, with each module building upon the previous topic concepts. We recommend committing to the complete four-module unit in order to maximize the full benefits of the FF4K learning experience for your students. 

Still have questions? Contact us today for more information. We're here to help!