a financial literacy learning program to fuel kids' futures.


Our Mission

The earlier kids are exposed to core financial literacy concepts, the better their chances are of committing to lifelong positive financial behaviors and practices. We make it simple for experienced educators to deliver accessible financial literacy learning to kids by taking care of all of the unit planning and design. Kid-centric instructional design and content development are our bread and butter at FF4K.

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Building a foundation of financial literacy knowledge through early education has many known benefits for kids. In order to maximize the positive impact of financial fitness training, FF4K takes a blended approach to learning design by pairing asynchronous e-learning micro-modules with corresponding interactive classroom sessions for each topic, leveraging elements of gamification that are proven to inspire and motivate an audience of learners as young as 10 years old.


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There are many ways to contribute to the FF4K cause. Find out more about how you can volunteer or donate to help us continue to expand our curricula and provide empowering and accessible youth learning programs.